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Glass Vacuum Hoist Suction Cup Lift Equipment
  • Glass Vacuum Hoist Suction Cup Lift Equipment
Подробности Упаковки: Wooden Cases Package and Container Transfer
производительность: 100 Sets Per Year
марка: Jinan LIJIANG Glass
транспорт: Ocean,Land,Air,Express,Others
Место происхождения: Jinan City, Shandong Province, China
Способность поставки: 30 Sets Per Month
Сертификаты : CE & ISO9000
Порт: Qingdao Port
Базовая информация
Описание продукта
Electric Remote Control Rotatable and Retractable Glass Curtain Wall Installation Vacuum Hoist Suction Cup Lifter Equipment
Product Description
The Vacuum Hoist Glass Lifter Lading Cantilever Crane Equipment
The vacuum hoist is suitable for smooth surfaces such as glass, ceramics, stone, and plates. The three-layer sealing ring has good sealing performance and soft texture. Double system control, barometer and air pump, stable quality, and high performance. Use vacuum chuck and drive system to handle, move and rotate. DC rechargeable vacuum pump can be used for on-site construction, equipped with battery device, the maximum bearing capacity can reach 800kgs. The pneumatic components adopt Taiwan Airtac, the quality is stable, and the pneumatic pressure is 0.6-0.8Mpa. The glass can be turned and transported at 0-90 degrees. The glass can be turned over and transported at 0-180 degrees. The glass can be turned and transported at 0-360 degrees. Dimensions: Height: 3400mm, Arm length: 3000mm.

4 cups of glass suction lifter

Load-bearing 400kg, Equipment weight 70kg, Length 0.75m Width 0.85m

6 cups of glass suction lifter

Load-bearing 600kg, Equipment weight 90kg Length 1.8m Width 0.9m

8 cups of glass suction lifter

Load-bearing 800kg, Equipment weight 100kg Length 1.76m Width 1.46m
Rotation 0-270 degree and lifting 600-1200mm
Quantity and size of sucker
Working gas source
5-8 Pa
DC12V (Built-in 2 batteries for long battery life)
Battery life
It can be used for 3 to 5 days after charging once.(In addition, it can also be connected to the power supply.)
Single suction cup loading
The actual test weighs up to 150kg or more
Length dimension
Control cabinet: 0.3m; Suckers: Optional 1-5m
Width dimension
Suckers: Optional 1-1.5m
Outer size
Advantages & Features

Benefits & Advantages

1. The vacuum electric suction cup is used for the handling and installation of curtain wall glass and is generally used with cranes and hoisting trucks.

2. Two batteries are 12V DC (one of them is spare)

3. Charger: 110V / 240V /380V 50HZ / 60HZ, optional single-phase delivery

4. The carrying capacity of the electric suction cup for the curtain wall is 400kgs/600kgs/800kgs (three models are optional)

5. According to process requirements, a power mechanism can be added to realize the function of 90°-180° flip/rotation of the workpiece. The control method can be manual control/electric control/remote control/automatic control. It can also be used as a manipulator and robot execution module to realize automatic and intelligent handling.

6. The equipment assembly is equipped with overseas imported vacuum pumps, valves, switches, and some important spare parts. Including optional American Thomas vacuum pump or Harmony vacuum pump, original imported CSB battery, Japanese SMC one-way valve, optional imported silicone suction cup, pneumatic components using Taiwan Airtac, etc.

7. Stable performance, easy to maintain, fast and simple.

8. There are suction cups made of silica gel (oil-resistant, slip-resistant, corrosion-resistant; nitrile rubber suction cups can be selected according to actual needs, with stronger adsorption), which can form vacuum suction with the glass contact surface to generate vacuum

9. Adopt negative pressure safe vacuum air circuit, negative pressure digital display, compared with traditional instrument display, the sensitivity is increased by 30%, and the display is more intuitive

10. The suction cup can be adjusted and can be closed and opened separately.

11. The vacuum lifter is equipped with a buzzer and warning light device. In the case of power failure or vacuum leakage, optical and acoustic signals will respond to tell the operator to carry out emergency operations.

12. The vacuum lifter is equipped with a tank and pressure switch display, when the power is suddenly turned off, it can keep the workpiece from falling for 30 minutes.

13. There are 4 telescopic arms (optional), 4 suction pads with a diameter of 300mm, each suction cup can be moved on the beam, each suction cup can be closed by a separate ball valve, each suction cup can take off if The glass plates that customers want to process are small and can be operated as well. The same equipment can also process glass plates of different sizes.

14. The design of Jinan Kation vacuum cleaners has passed the European Union CE 13155 certification, and they are all CE-identified products

The whole steel material shell design

Fully enclosed shell design, using Q345 manganese steel material, square tube welding, strong load-bearing capacity, safe and reliable, can be widely used in glass deep processing and transportation and glass curtain wall installation.

Adopts the imported vacuum pump

It can be equipped with American Thomas vacuum pump or imported brand Harmony vacuum pump, and imported CSB battery can be selected. The battery is energy storage and maintenance-free. There is no need to connect to a power supply during the glass deep processing.

The vacuum pressure compensation system

The equipment is equipped with a vacuum pressure compensation system, which can ensure that the entire vacuum system is maintained at a relatively constant safe pressure value during the glass handling process, and the use process is more safer than other suppliers.

Equipped the pressure-maintaining function

The equipment is equipped with power-off device, pressure-keeping device and alarm device. After an unexpected power-off, the pressure-maintaining function can extend the emergency processing time and sound the alarm at the first time to ensure the safety and reliability of the use process.

Equipped the digital display function

Optional Japanese imported digital display vacuum pressure switch, and digital display battery gauge, which could clearly and intuitively monitor the use of the glass lifter equipment.

Ameircan imported silicone suction cup

Could optional 300mm American imported silicone suction cup. The suction cup adopts three-layer sealing ring, which has good sealing performance. It adopts all-copper control switch, one suction cup by one switch control. The material is soft, environmentally friendly and tasteless.
Instruction Manual

Performance Description of Glass Vacuum Spreader Lifter

Glass hoisting The installation of glass is a meticulous overall organization and construction. Before construction, check the personnel of each station, whether the various machines and tools are normal, and whether the measures are correct. Tools and parts for high-altitude operations should be placed in a tool kit to prevent objects from falling and hurting people. The glass can be hoisted after the inspection is completed. (1) Check the quality of the glass, pay attention to whether the glass is cracked or chipped, and whether the position of the copper plate of the hanging clamp is correct. Wipe the surface of the glass with a dry cloth, and mark the position of the glass with a marker. (2) Install an electric suction cup machine. The electric suction cup machine should be positioned, symmetrical, and slightly above the glass, so that the glass after lifting can avoid left and right deflection and rotation. (3) Install manual suction cups and side protective rubber sleeves at appropriate positions on the glass. The manual suction cup on the glass allows workers working on different platforms to assist the glass in place when the glass is in place. Advantages of vacuum glass suction cup spreader Time-saving, labor-saving, and cost-saving, convenient and quick to operate; small and lightweight, easy to handle workpieces, equipped with an oil-free vacuum pump, no external power supply; with ergonomic design, sound and light alarm system, energy storage device, high performance, long service life And other characteristics; cooperate with the driving to form a complete lifting and handling solution. Application of vacuum spreader Glass processing, glass loading, and unloading, glass curtain wall installation, etc.; suitable for workpieces with relatively flat and dense surfaces and relatively regular shapes. Working principle of vacuum spreader The vacuum suction cup is connected to the vacuum equipment (such as vacuum pump, etc.) through the air duct, and then contacts with other workpieces (such as glass, steel plate, etc.), and then starts the vacuum equipment to suck, so that negative air pressure is generated in the suction cup. Workpiece: When the workpiece is transported to the destination, the vacuum chuck is changed from negative air pressure to zero air pressure or slightly positive air pressure through the hand slide valve, and the vacuum chuck is separated to complete the task of transporting the workpiece.

The Wall-mounted Cantilever Crane

The wall-mounted cantilever crane is used to transport the glass and does not occupy the floor area. The cantilever crane can be directly installed on the wall, on the column of the factory building or on the machinery and equipment. The fixing method is very simple, and the rotating angle can reach 180 degrees.

The Column Cantilever Crane

The column cantilever crane is used to transport the glass, which can be installed in any work site. It only occupies the foundation area of the column installation, has a small footprint, and can use all possible space. The maximum rotatable angle can reach 270 degrees.
The Size Schematic Diagram of Vacuum Suction Cup Glass Lifter
The Size Schematic Diagram of Column Cantilever Crane Glass Lifter

Operating instructions for Glass Vacuum Spreaders Lifter

1. Start-up of the vacuum lifter of the glass suction crane Turn on the power switch on the control box, the vacuum pump is started, and the air in the accumulator is first evacuated to ensure sufficient vacuum. When the pressure is lower than 50%, the sound and light alarm lamp will alarm until the required vacuum pressure is reached. When the pressure reaches the set pressure, the vacuum pump will automatically stop running to save power. At this time, the vacuum hoist is in a ready state. 2. Positioning of glass suction crane Control the movement of the lifting equipment so that the suction cup of the suction hoist is close to the surface of the glass. At this time, the suction cup of the suction hoist is fully fitted and sealed with the glass surface; 3. Glass adsorption Push the manual hand slide valve on the operating handle. At this time, the suction cup is connected to the vacuum system, and the suction hoist automatically absorbs the glass. The vacuum pressure gauge will display the vacuum degree (pressure) at this time. When the pressure gauge shows 55% vacuum degree (-0.55kg/f), it means it can be transported. This process takes about 2-3 seconds; 4. Glass flip Pull out the locking shaft pin and push the suction cup holder forcefully to drive the workpiece to flip up. When it is about 90 degrees, the shaft pin automatically locks the suction cup holder. At this time, the 90-degree vertical flip of the workpiece is realized. 5. Glass lifting/discharging handling Control the electric hoist to transport the plate to the unloading position; 6. Glass release Pull back the manual slide valve on the operating handle to make each suction cup communicate with the atmosphere, then the vacuum pressure between the suction cup and the glass surface will disappear, and the glass will separate from the suction cup. 7. Repeat operation Operate the lifting equipment to move to the next board to be transported, and repeat step 2.
Can be flipped up and down 90 degrees
Can be flipped 360 degrees back and forth
Glass suction cup could be used with glass suction cup car

Manual suction cup car

Manual adsorption Suction lifting 200 kg, raising 2.1 meters

Semi-automatic suction cup car

Electric adsorption Suction lift 400 kg, raising 2.8 meters

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  Kation-Tech, основанная в 2009 году, специализируется на исследованиях и разработках, производстве и продаже оборудования для стеклопакетов и сопутствующего вспомогательного оборудования для индустрии глубокой обработки стекла и производства дверей и окон. Имеет профессиональную основу для обработки стеклопакетов, оборудования для производства алюминиево-пластиковых окон и дверей, сопутствующих вспомогательных материалов и т. Д. Таким образом, мы предлагаем наиболее комплексные решения для обработки стекла и окон и дверей для отечественных и зарубежных клиентов. До 2019 года мы экспортировали стекольные машины и материалы в Америку, Южную Америку, Европу, Ближний Восток, Индию и так далее, почти в 30 стран и регионов. Мы установили идеальные международные деловые отношения с 10 влиятельными агентами и вместе приложили усилия, чтобы создать всемирно известный международный бренд. Kation-Tech, мастерство, профессионализм и честность, вместе с вами завоюют будущее!

О Компании
  • название компании: JINAN KATION TRADING CO.,LTD
  • представитель: jichangpeng
  • Продукт / Услуга: Линия по производству стеклопакетов , Станок для гибки проставок , Робот для герметизации стеклопакетов , Стеклянный подъемник , Станок для резки стекла , Стиральная машина для стекла
  • капитал: 3000000RMB
  • Год создания: 2009
  • Годовой Оборот: US$2.5 Million - US$5 Million
  • Процент Экспорта: 41% - 50%
  • Общий годовой объем покупки (млн. долл. США): Below US$1 Million
  • Число производственных линий: 3
  • Число научных сотрудников: 11 -20 People
  • Число работников Отдела контроля качества: 5 -10 People
  • OEM услуги, предоставляемые: yes
  • Плошадь завода (м2): 10,000-30,000 square meters
  • Адрес Завода: Qihe
  • Контактное Лицо: Ms. June
  • Номер Телефона : 86-0531-18678875966
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